POP LEGAL: Hannah Jonathan is Pop Legl and here’s why

Hanah Jonathan, otherwise known as SoulSpice by followers, is a renowned sex coach and teacher. SoulSpice describes herself as the one and only sex goddess that was born through sex lives for it and is passionate about educating people about the subject.

SoulSpice is fascinated by sex in all its aspects, from the biological to the psychological to the spiritual. She believes sex is a gift from God that ought to be enjoyed to the utmost. In her sessions, SoulSpice brings her extensive knowledge and also leverage on the experience of other renowned thought leaders in the sex space to impact her audience and provide life-changing solutions to their sexual problems.

SoulSpice hosts one of Nigeria’s biggest sex shows on Popcentral TV; the show has garnered audience from several cities across Nigeria and neighbouring African countries as well. She is also the convener of a quarterly sex workshop, ‘Art Of Sex’, where she brings together expertise in the sex field to educate and enlighten people on how they can improve their sexual life.

Hannah Jonathan has consistently defied the odds and refused to be boxed by the cultural and moral limitations presented by African society. She is continuously lending her voice, and her platform to people to confront their sexual challenges and insecurities.

SoulSpice is Pop Legal.

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