POP LEGAL: Olarinde Olayemi Ayanfeoluwa is Pop Legal and here’s Why

Olarinde Olayemi Ayanfeoluwa is a visual artist but with a major interest in scribble art.

Her influences are Erick Centeno, a scribble artist based in Genoa Italy, Vince low from Kuala Lumpur and Uche Uzorka because of how he’s been able to create scribbles in abstract forms. In making scribble art, I use different kinds of mediums such as a micron pen, paint, digital pen, sheet and sometimes another foreign medium like collages, raffia palm, etc. Drawing, to me, represents serenity, a quiet time for myself where I forget the world. When I have a blank page to lay my pen on, I imagine anything that can happen, usually without an end. Weird, as it might seem, scribble art to me has no end, I scribble because of the feeling I get when I am doing it. I connect with lines quickly and I believe in creating something from one point/stroke, Making beauty out of nothing. Scribbling is an art technique that allows relaxed and dynamic lines that changes as the drawing progresses. I have been able to combine different styles to create a new one. I have introduced mixed media through photo collages where I fix surreal collages from already existing works into my scribble whereby each collage has its own impact on the art piece, one lined abstract, is the simplest form of scribble, it begins from a point and ends with just a line, without dropping the pen at any point. Also, I have been able to infuse pop art into my style, scribble art.




Her art has caught the attention of the world has been featured on CNN Africa, Konbini to mention a few

Asides art, she’s got great skills in marketing and communication.

Being a philanthropist, she started an initiative in the year 2016 called ‘Charity with Art’ which happens annually and focuses on empowering the young with the skill of art.

Her art is known to be an expression of her feelings with the intent to connect to people and also inspire people.

Olarinde Olayemi Ayanfeoluwa is POP LEGAL.

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