Scientists Find The First-Ever Animal That Doesn’t Need Oxygen to Survive

Some truths about the Universe and our experience in it seem immutable. The sky is up. Gravity sucks. Nothing can travel faster than light. Multicellular life needs oxygen to live. Except we might need to rethink that last one. Scientists have just discovered that a jellyfish-like parasite doesn’t have a mitochondrial genome – the first […]

Science Of Kissing: Kissing Facts, Kisses In History.

Have you ever wondered why we kiss? What’s the history behind kissing? There’s quite a lot of history behind the human activity of kissing, as it happens. As well as the romantic and passionate elements of smooching, the scientific side of kissing is fascinating. There’s even a word for these kissing facts: the science of […]

The 51st NAACP Image Awards 2020.

The 51st NAACP Image Awards is an annual awards ceremony presented by the U.S.-based National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to honor outstanding performances in film, television, music, and literature.     During the event, Rihanna was honored with the President’s Award, While actor Micheal B. Jordan won the Outstanding Actor in […]


Garry Kasparov dominated chess until he was beaten by an IBM supercomputer called Deep Blue in 1997. The event made “man loses to computer” headlines the world over. Kasparov recently returned where he was defeated for a debate with AI experts. ”I was the first knowledge worker whose job was threatened by a machine,” says Kasparov, […]


Nollywood begins production on first movie from $1m fund A Nigerian production and distribution company has begun production to cash in on the one million dollars film fund it launched with a Chinese, media house and a South African Entertainment company. In 2019, they announced the partnership making it the first co-production between the two […]

Deontay Wilder Conjures Up New Conspiracy Theory To Explain Why His Corner Threw In The Towel

Deontay Wilder has astonishingly pointed out the connection between Anthony Dirrell and Tyson Fury’s trainer and suggested he ‘influenced’ the decision to throw the towel in. The 34-year-old KO artist suffered his first professional loss as Fury outclassed and dominated him in their blockbuster rematch last Saturday. Fury dropped his opponent twice and referee Kenny Bayless […]

5 More Genius Ways to Look Expensive on a Budget.

      For most of us, there comes a time when the checking account runs low. If you had an indicator — like that E that lights up in your car when the gas tank is nearly dry — it would be flashing like crazy. You still have days before your next paycheck drops […]

Seven dead, 90 injured in New Delhi clashes ahead of Trump’s arrival

At least seven people, including one police officer, have been killed after violent clashes broke out in the Indian capital between hundreds of supporters and opponents of a new law that fast-tracks citizenship for non-Muslim minorities from select countries. The unrest erupted in parts of New Delhi on Monday, several hours ahead of the arrival of US […]

Justin Bieber breaks Elvis Presley’s US chart record

Justin Bieber has broken a US chart record set by Elvis Presley with his new album Changes. The Canadian singer’s fifth studio album is Number 1 on this week’s Billboard 200, becoming his seventh release to top the charts in the United States. Aged 25 years old and 11 months, Justin is now the youngest act […]