Osa Okunkpolor, simply known as Osa Seven is a Nigerian graffiti artist, brand developer and GFX designer. His work ranges from portraits of iconic characters to scenic images, brand designs, abstract art, and tribal art designs.

Seven has worked as a brand developer for Food Concepts Plc and ran the clothing brand Live Mechanics before the Osa Seven brand. Seven brand has since worked with the companies MTV, Jameson, Absolut Vodka, Pernod Richard, HP, Africa, Guinness, Smirnoff, Heineken, The Federal Government of Nigeria.


Seven’s Exhibitions:

The 7th Element: The first ever graffiti exhibition in Nigeria which was organized by Seven and his parent company A2 Creative. This exhibition was held at the KIA showroom on May 28-29th 2016.


Panorama: Osengwa, a US-based art retail platform, partners with Kuma Nation, a collective of nontraditional artists, to host Panorama, a street and contemporary art viewing. Featuring live art installations, exhibitions from 12 African artists, including Seven.

Seven was featured on CNN Africa Voices and was also nominated for The Future Awards 2016 category of “The Future Awards Prize for Arts & Culture.”

Osa Okunkpolor is an Ubran Artist and a Design Consultant.

Osa Okunkpolor is POP LEGAL.

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