POP LEGAL : Chukwuebuka Obimma is Pop Legal and Here’s Why

Chukwuebuka Obimma is the CEO of D’suon Energy, a social enterprise aimed at providing affordable energy solutions for Nigerian rural off grid communities. He is well known for his “Light For Education” initiative which is an awareness program that incorporates the principle of Sustainable Development into Secondary Schools educational systems.

His current Projects are:

Light House (Solar Powered Retail Kiosk) – This is a solar powered kiosk which is a mobile point of sale center for solar products in off-grid communities.

Agent of Light (Sales Forces Distribution Network) – Agent of light are the sales representatives in off-grid communities made up of women and youth entrepreneurs, they handle distribution and deliver solar products into the most remote locations across Nigeria.

Energy Innovation Center (Research & Development Hub) – This is a capacity building and research/development hub for locally inspired clean and affordable energy solutions. He intends to train more technicians on how to install and maintain his Light Houses and Light Boxes; and to build a research and development center where new solar ideas and prototypes would be developed.

Over the years chukwuebuka has been recognized by the Royal Commonwealth Society, Queen’s Young Leaders, Power for All, United Nations Energy Access Practitioners Network, The University of Cambridge, Hult Prize, the Pollination Project and Tech 4 SDGs for his commitment to promoting value and alternative power solutions in off-grid communities across Nigeria.

Chukwuebuka Obimma is the CEO of D’suon Energy, which has helped in Promoting skill development for employability.

Chukwuebuka Obimma is POP LEGAL

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