POP LEGAL: Tiwalola Olanubi Jnr is POP LEGAL and here is why

Tiwalola Olanubi is one of Nigeria’s brightest media entrepreneurs, he is also the CEO and founder of Dotts Media House. His company is behind some of the most successful digital campaigns in Nigeria. 

Tj Dotts as he is fondly called has been at the forefront of the digital marketing industry in the last five years, with several accolades and awards under his belt. He has contributed immensely to the growth and disruption in the digital and marketing communications industry in the country.

The first-ever influencer marketing report in Nigeria is a brainchild of his company. The report is highly sought after by brand managers, advertisers, social media enthusiasts and across the marketing industry in Nigeria.

He has been nominated for several awards and has won quite a number of them also, in 2019 he was nominated for the Future awards in 2017 and in 2019 in the ‘Prize for Media Enterprise’ category and the ‘Prize for Business’ category. 

Tiwalola Olanubi Jnr is the Founder/CEO of DottsMediaHouse , The Dotts Co-Working Space (DCWS) and the publisher of Nigeria’s first-ever influencer marketing report.

Tiwalola Olanubi Jnr is POP LEGAL.

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