BlackBerry breaks up with phone-maker TCL



One of Chinese electronics giants TCL will noy release any more BlackBerry-branded phones, the company has announced.


A deal was signed back in 2016 to produce BlackBerry-branded Android phones, after Blackberry came to a conclusion to quit making its own devices.

However, in a statement it confirmed that the arrangement would come to an end in August 2020.

After 14 years, blackberry decided to stop designing its own smartphones in-house in 2016.

Once a top leader in the industry, the company struggled to keep pace with rival handsets produced by competitors such as Apple and Samsung.

A new operating system was launched called Blackberry 10, in hope for it to attract popular apps to its platform, but it failed.


Somebody claiming to be a TCL employee said that TCL was frustrated.


The company believed it could sell phones with the iconic BlackBerry keyboard, but didn’t want to use its Android software and brand as well.

From all observations the agreement is coming to an end.

TCL says it will provide services and support for its BlackBerry phones until August 2022.

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