Video of the week

So, crazy cousinz, yxng bane, lil mckenzie and mr eazi hit the video of the week for the UK region with the track “NO WAY” under 2TE records. This is a must watch video and I must commend the video director for doing a good job.

ACDF: The African culture and design festival

ACDF = The African culture and design festival is a three days festival that took place at the balmoral hall, federal palace hotel. Lots of artist and fashion designers from all over Africa showcased their works, ranging from the traditional art works, modern art works, photography; recycle designs, crafts, woodworks.


It was from the 1st of December to the 3rd, we had hundreds of people gathered at the federal palace hotel to explore variety of drinks at the international drink festival.


What do you crave for when you go shopping? Well, Ola has a list of things she thinks you should pick when you go shopping. First on our list are pairs of glasses, this shows how sexy and sassy you can be, you would not want to go shopping without picking a pair of glasses. Ola also thinks you should have a


From attires, walls, canvas, even cars; we have osas seven forging some parts of Lagos into showing off his cool graffiti skills and opening doors for the celebration of graffiti in outdoor spaces.