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Dear world, why so sensitive? Seriously, why so bloody sensitive?
I feel like in current times, there is a protest at every turn, I have a feeling that somewhere in the world as I’m sitting on my desk writing this article and as you are reading it right now, there is a protest going on. It’s very much okay to be woke and conscious of the perils of the people around you, it is also very much okay if you believe in your heart that you can change the world when all you have is good intentions. But for heaven’s sake, standing under the sun, chanting meaningless nothings, has never helped, and probably will never help anybody I know of.
Mohamed Bouazizi, on the fourth day of January 2011, poured gasoline all over himself and lit a match to protest the tyranny of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, The whole country of Tunisia came out in protest, ten days later, Ben Ali could no longer take the heat, he had to step down from power after ‘ruling’ for twenty three years.
Abdel Monaim on the 17th of January in the same year tried to go the same route of immolation, but it didn’t quite take, he was saved by paramedics, but the effects of his almost death was still the same in Egypt as it was in Tunisia.
Many a time, people get attacked at Black Lives Matter protests, in 2015, five protesters were shot in Minneapolis at a march. Time and time again, people have either lost their lives or almost lost their lives for causes they believe in.
So when I ask why so sensitive, please note if its not already obvious to you that I’m not talking about the above mentioned revolutionaries, my main concern is about the following group of people.
First off there is the SPRAYING MILK PROTEST IN BELGIUM where dairy farmers came out on the streets to protest the price of milk in the market by coming out in the streets with cows and milking these cows straight to the faces of the police officers monitoring the protests. One of the cows actually got loose and started chasing people in the streets.
Alice Newstead once painted her body silver, pierced her back with big fish hooks and hoisted herself into the air with the support of the hooks to protest the killing of sharks
200 Canadians once protested an American surveillance balloon watching the US/CANADA boarder for people crossing illegally by pulling down their pants and exposing their butts toward the cameras, they called it MOONING THE BALLOON
Someone in the US legally changed her name to Cut-out to protest the dissection of animals in biology class
In 2013, FEMEN activists bared their breasts and placed pictures of Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych in front of the Ukrainian embassy in Paris and peed on the pictures to protest the oppression of women in Ukraine.
PETA activists have been known to protest people wearing fur by marching out naked in the I’D RATHER GO NAKED THAN WEAR FUR campaign
And then there is the slut walk global movement that started in Canada 2011 that I’ll never understand. And Amber Rose championing the cause doesn’t make it any better.
The world is so sensitive now, people protest just about anything and in very bizarre ways I must add, a young man once cut his penis off in protest of his parents forcing him to marry a bride he didn’t love.
Whether its online petitions asking for boycotts or taking it to the streets chanting slogans, people are way more angry and easily find things or people (the Donald) to protest against in this century than they were in the last.