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Sammy is ten years old!

So my neighbour’s kid comes home from boarding school, because it’s his mid-term break, and we decide to spend the weekend watching movies together. My cousin suggests we binge watch season six of Game Of Thrones and me being the responsible adult that I am, suggest The Lion King because I felt it would be age appropriate for our guest. As I was trying to explain why the lion king was a better choice, Sammy agreed with me, not because he thought the lion king was a better choice, but because he had already seen season six of Game Of Thrones.

My next question was ‘your mother allows you to watch Game Of Thrones?’ and he went on to explain to me that he didn’t watch it at home, he watched it in his hostel common room at his boarding school with hundreds of other under aged boys! Like that made it any better.

Where do I start even  start from?

Sexual content, Nudity, strong Language, Violence, Promiscuity

SNLVP = Game Of Thrones

I’m in no way against the show, personally I think it’s the greatest creation of the human mind since the refrigerator, but for ten year olds?  I have only lone word… INNAPROPRIATE!

So instead of blowing off my lid and asking unanswerable questions like where the hell was the hall warden, Hostel administrators and supervisors when this really stupid situation was taking place, I’m going to take a very simple approach to this

Here goes nothing…

Dear Irresponsible Adults,

Anytime you sit in front of a television set with anyone seventeen year old or less, look to the bottom left, top left, bottom right, top right whatever, just look all around the corners of the TV screen for the feature information, if it says 13 NVL, it means children below thirteen are not allowed to see it. If it says 16 NVLP, it means that little humanoids below the age of sixteen should not be allowed to see it. 18 SNLVP?! If you see that and you have been paying enough attention then you probably shouldn’t have kids around that vicinity while you watch.

That being said, I wish someone explained this to my grandparents some fifteen years ago when my aunt bought a copy of the movie Gia featuring Angelina Jolie and allowed us watch it with her. I still have nightmares!

Yours sincerely,

A very concerned, responsible adult.