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GIDIFEST 2017: my day out with the hippies of Lagos

Imagine standing front row center at an Adele concert, and at the same time sitting in your living room couch in your boxer shorts and wife beater. Well you can actually do both of those things at the same time. All you need is a headset with a complete VR gear and you could be living in any reality you choose. VR technology has advanced so much that from your bedroom, you could slay dragons, star in your favorite movie, be Gandalf the great or Newt Scamander, with your wand and everything. That’s just taking entertainment to a whole new level

Fox Searchlight Pictures since 2016 use VR cameras to produce films that are interactive in VR. In translation, movies are now being shot in POV style, so that when you watch them with your VR gear, its as if you are living the story line. Do you want to be James Bond? Well you can. In fact you can be both James Bond and Luke Skywalker, Batman, Superman, the hulk, you just choose your action figure and that’s you will become.

Maybe that’s not what you want, maybe you want to be Beyonce, performing at Maddison Square Garden, in front of 20 thousand people or Ronaldo at El Classico, You could be Tom Brady getting his Fifth super bowl ring, you can relive any moment in entertainment history, but this time it wont be as an observer, it will be your reality.

I have to start by saying, if you are less than thirteen years of age, this will not be fun. See most tech companies do not recommend that kids under the age of thirteen be allowed to us VR gadgets. See nobody knows the long term effects of VR stimulators on young people, or even fully developed adults for that matter. But if you are of age, then this is the best time to get in the trend. The possibilities Are endless, because the world is still discovering ways to use VR.

For the young of this generation, I think like everything invented in the last fifty years, when they finally master VR, they are likely going to find new and unbelievable ways to keep themselves entertained. They will visit the north pole, commune with the Delai Lama, visit mars, go rock climbing or even jump off the edge of the world, date Kim Kardashian, because in Virtual Reality, she’s very much single and available, or the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan if they so please, students can stimulate learning experiences like learning to perform surgeries, flying airplanes, operating spaceships and what not.

A quick note to the young ones, if you are reading this in the future, I know it will be tempting to live in a world where the possibilities are endless, you can be anybody, doing anything at any time , please remember, it is not real, put down your headsets and get back to the real world.

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GIDIFEST 2017: my day out with the hippies of Lagos

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