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Comedy fans all over the world were in their own special brand of heaven when Netflix announced that they would be airing never before seen stand up  specials by Dave Chappelle. it was reported at the time that Dave Chappelle was to receive the sum of $60,000,000 to produce and star in these three different stand up comedy specials  that was to air sometime in 2017. Now considering that the last time Chappelle fans saw him do comedy on TV was over ten years ago, just before he turned down a $50,000,000 cheque from Comedy Central to do two more seasons of ‘The Dave Chappelle Show’. After  over ten years of self imposed TV exile, Dave was back, he had gained  some evenly distributed weight, still the same comedic genius and most importantly, he retained what to me is his most important attribute, the fact that he was still and will forever remain  an asshole.

Dave Chappelle is an asshole, the funniest one on the planet he might be but an asshole all the same. And we love him for that. How did comedy survive without this guy? There is a reason why most comedians call him the best thing that happened to comedy since Jerry Sienfield. Chris rock, Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin Hart, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Pharoah you name it! They are all Chappelle fans. I mean the greatest comic minds of our generation were fanning out over this one guy so much so that I had no other option but to go online to check out the two of three specials Netflix already put out.

I saw ‘Deep In The Heart Of Texas’ the first comedy special, over and over again, and it cracks me up every time, I mean from his comments on modern day racism to how Hilary Clinton could have saved America all the trouble if she had agreed to give Bill Clinton Head?! And then to how HIV, CRACK COCAINE and EBOLA are somehow miraculously killing people that old white people hate, Donald Sterling and V Stiviano, he literally took the time to comment on some of the most shocking pop culture events that took place while he was on hiatus.

I am sitting here watching his Second Netflix special, ‘The Age Of Spin’ and I have to say, if you haven’t seen it or the one before it, then you should, no kidding, you really should, it’s really good, if you listen closely enough, you will figure out where Basket Mouth gets some of his Jokes from.

He had jokes about OJ, Bill Cosby, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, Kevin Hart, Planned Parenthood, ‘The Gays’, the LGBTQ, community, and like me he was confused as to what the Q stands for, I mean he found a way to connect the Kennedy, MLK assassinations to the Bill Cosby alleged rapes! you have to watch it to get it.

I must say that I learned a few things about him after I watched the comedy specials and I’ll share them with you.

He thinks Ebola is the new AIDS

That black people don’t trust doctors anymore because Michael Jackson was killed by a doctor

He doesn’t click on likes for ISIS videos because he cant figure out how they can upload videos of them beheading people when he himself can’t upload a ‘dick pic’

He refers to lesbians as feminists because who are we kidding, that’s what feminism really is all about

He wants to know if when two gay partners fight its referred to as domestic  violence or just two ni**ers working shit out

 He’s experimenting on both of his sons by sending one to public school and the other to a private school just to see how they will turn out

And that he was very mean to OJ Simpson the last time he met him.